Friday, August 1, 2014

Simple, Delicious Fruit Infused Water!

Hello! I've been getting more and more interested in healthy living and clean eating lately and have seen a number of infused water pictures around instagram and healthy blogs. I feel like I haven't been drinking enough water lately, maybe because it's winter here in Australia, so I thought I'd make some infused water to encourage me to drink more throughout the day. The pretty colours and nice taste definitely remind me to drink more!

This one is frozen mixed berries with home grown mint and filtered water. The frozen berries make it nice and cold, and I used both regular mint and chocolate mint. Mmmm...

This one is tangerine and home grown lime verbena (a herb used in drinks and teas). I wanted to add cucumber as well, but we didn't have any left, oops. It looks a little murky because I shook it up. I can't believe how infused and how flavourful these were instantly.

I refilled the water after drinking the first jar, reusing the fruit. And I ate the berries and the mandarin slices after/during drinking it as well haha! So the fruit definitely doesn't go to waste. I've also heard of people re-freezing the berries and using them in smoothies!

Finn wanted to be a part of it as usual. He's such a poser! He came and flopped right on me while I was taking photos. I love it when the cats want to be involved.

I'm not sure which is my favourite! You could get much more creative with the flavours of course, this time I just grabbed a couple of ingredients that were at hand and threw them together on a whim. But my brain is already thinking of more combinations for next time. I'd recommend serving this with a spoon or little fork on the side if you want to eat the fruit with it right away. If not, keep refilling and reusing the fruit throughout the day. On a side note, my neighbours must think I'm really weird, lying on my lawn taking photos of mysterious jars and talking to the cat. Oh well!


  1. These look delicious! :)

    1. Thank you so much Jeffrey! :D They were lovely. P.S. your blog is beautiful! ♥_♥