A little bit about A Little Pink Cactus. A blog about style and design, stationery, photography, pretty things, DIY, craft, mail, and other things that I love. I've made this blog as a creative outlet for myself, and also a space where I can share things I create or love and to connect with like-minded people. Please leave comments or contact me if you'd like to! I'd love to hear from you! I hope through this blog to encourage myself to be more confident, more creative more often, to be productive, to be a part of a community, and be proud of the content I can put out into the world! :) I hope you enjoy this blog!

A little bit about me. 23 // Brisbane, Australia // degree in journalism // I love stationery, writing, snail mail, pen pals, citrus fruit, cats, succulents, cacti, octopuses, sea creatures, travelling, tea, coffee, coriander, cooking, design, illustration, drawing, typography, plants, styling, photographs, art, pretty things, geometric patterns, pinboards, blogging, natural beauty products, healthy eating, road trips, camping, hiking, nature, the beach, BBQs, food, interior design, triangles, pineapples, diamonds, stars, polka dots, stripes, art house films, good books, good TV shows, comedy, polaroids, punk rock, flowers, etc.