Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Quick Hello!

Hello! I'm still alive! I am sorry it's been a long time between posts again. I have been very busy with things that I can't really show much of on this blog, unfortunately. I have been doing work experience in the interiors industry, along with my regular two jobs, and a new third job which I got in a local homewares and interior decorating store. Yes, that's three jobs and a work experience placement! So I've been pretty busy and feeling a bit exhausted.

Making decisions about where to go in life is difficult. My problem is I have a huge list of things I want to do, or feel like I have to do, and I often get overwhelmed and don't know which direction I really want to go in. I keep reminding myself to live in the moment more instead of worrying so much about the future. Having said that, I do want to work hard towards a better future - I really want to find a job which I love and which also gives me the ability to do all the things I want to do outside of work, like travel and experience new things. I guess that's pretty much all anyone wants, huh?
Do you have a dream job or career goal you're working towards? I'd love to hear about it.

Anyway, this is our bed currently! We got a new bed from Ikea a little while ago. The bed frame is white with four drawers underneath which is fantastically practical. The bedding is from Ikea as well and is reversible - I love having options! The gorgeous little fox cushion is actually from Adairs for kids, but I couldn't resist it. I kept walking past the store and it looked so adorable in the front window, so one day I went in to look at it, and it happened to be on sale! I had to get it.

Here is a quick little photo of some recent things I've gotten.
+ I absolutely love this super cool "Everyday I'm Hustlin" candle by Damselfly. The scent is burnt fig and cassis, which is beautiful and subtle, and I just love the look of it too. I got it from Jack Mitchell!
+ This is the last issue I got of Real Living Magazine - love, love, love this magazine, it's so great for inspiration. Can't wait to grab the latest issue!
+ I picked up this simple black organiser from Kmart really cheaply. I'm in the process of reorganising my desk/office space and coming up with new ideas for how to set it up. I'm sure I'll eventually show you the final result here ;)
+ Simple black pom pom garland from Typo. I love Typo. Who doesn't love Typo? I've used this garland for a few different things so far, I keep moving it around! I really like that pom poms and garlands are so popular right now! On that note, I'm really excited that black is so popular in interior styling right now too, I've always owned so many black things, it's definitely a favourite for me. 

I have lots of ideas for things I want to do with this blog and projects I want to complete! Can't wait! 

Nina xo

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