Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Gift Wrapping, Merry Christmas!

I usually (secretly) love Christmas, but for the last two years it seemed to come around so fast I barely had time to get into the spirit of things! But this year, just in time I found my festiveness and have really enjoyed preparing for Christmas day. Right now I can smell the gingerbread cookies I'm baking, I have last minute Christmas cards and stickers next to me, our Christmas tree and lights look glorious, and I put the last of my presents under the tree this morning. 

I had so much fun wrapping this year. I picked a theme and just really went with it after finding this gorgeous teal, red and white wrapping paper set at Typo. One paper is a teal background with adorable owls wearing hats and scarves, one is a slightly darker/bluer teal with white snowflakes and hedgehogs and deer, and the last is a simple polka dot in matching colours. What a gorgeous combination! I already had some plain bright red wrapping paper, white and red washi tape, teal washi tape, and these cute mini Christmas cards from the supermarket which matched in colour! I also got some various red and white ribbons to finish it off.

I made these bow decorations with off-cuts of the wrapping paper. They are super easy to make - just cut a rectangle to whatever size you'd like, fold in a concertina back and forth to the end, and then secure the middle with tape and fan out both ends to make it look pretty. You can secure them with tape or tie them on with ribbon. I first heard of this idea a long time ago from the wonderful Hello Sandwich, go check out her amazing wrapping ideas.

I can't believe how well these mini Christmas cards matched the wrapping theme! What a happy fluke. 

Blue wrapping with a big red paper bow...

Or with a white ribbon and polar bear gift card...

Or with a matching blue paper bow as well as white satin ribbon!

Contrast this simple paper with a bright red paper bow...
Or decorate with a thick red ribbon...

Or put both together for a big pop of colour!

For a different set of presents, I also re-used this old gift bag, alongside some of last year's wrapping paper, and a piece of a clear Christmas wrapping. I put the clear bow together with some gold and white striped washi tape, which I also used to wrap the present. It definitely jazzed up some pretty ordinary wrapping paper, and I'm always for re-using and up-cyling things where you can!

 I hope everyone who celebrates Christmas has a fantastic day, and happy holiday season to everyone! My favourite things about Christmas are the pretty lights everywhere, and all the gorgeous decorations, the food, and of course giving gifts. I'll be seeing family tomorrow, eating a huge spread of delicious food, and having a swim. Can't wait! I'm so happy to have a few extra days off. I had better go and ice these gingerbread cookies... ;) Merry Christmas!

Nina xo

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