Monday, June 16, 2014

Cats In Ukiyo-e + I Can't Stop Drawing Cats

Hello! Well the weather here has gotten even colder, but today is sunny and cold and beautiful - AND I have the day off! It couldn't be better! Last week and the weekend was really busy with work, so I'm really glad to have a day off to relax (and finally write a blog post!).

Recently I've been enjoying looking at this book called Cats In Ukiyo-e. My Mum bought it for my birthday a couple of years ago, but I recently re-discovered it. Since I've been drawing cats a lot, I've been really enjoying looking through this one again. I adore the way the cats are drawn, the style, and how much character each cat has. Just like a real cat, they're all full of mischief and attitude! :P And the fact they are from the 1800s is even cooler.

The dust cover is cute, but this kraft colour patterned inside cover is really amazing too. So many cats!

The cloth in the background of these photos is actually a scarf which came with the book! It's so lovely. 

As well as the artwork in it, I really love the design, colour and layout of this book. It's really nicely put together. I especially love this little cat bookmark which is attached to the book! Super cute.

Like it says here in my sketchbook, I can't stop drawing cats. :P I'm still playing around with my fountain pen and different drawing styles, trying to capture the attitude and nature of a cat. My two cats, Finn and Stella, are so different not just in looks but their personalities and habits too! It makes me want to draw all different types of cats.

Well, another busy week ahead after my one day off this week, but I'm feeling ready. ;) 

Little Pink Cactus xo


  1. It is so cute! I would love to buy it. Your cat illustrations are so cute :) What camera do you use? Your photos are amazing!

    1. Argh! I totally missed replying to this, I'm so sorry! Glad you liked this one. :) I am really lucky I can borrow my Mum's camera sometimes to take pics for my blog. Her camera is a Canon Powershot G12. I love playing around with the manual settings, but I really have a lot to learn about photography haha! :) So happy to hear you think my photos turn out well though! :P

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