Sunday, June 8, 2014


Just a quick post to say hello! Here are a couple of sketches from yesterday. Can you see the little trees on top of the snow-capped ice-cream mountain? :P My cat cup with the lid is from Daiso! It's so super cute. I've been drinking a lot of hot tea and coffee since the weather is becoming colder. I've been working a lot recently, but I hope to be able to post more frequently soon. :) I have a couple of fun things coming up to show you guys!

Til next time, Little Pink Cactus xo


  1. The weather has gotten colder! I have loved a hot cup of peppermint tea with honey each night. I LOVE ice cream mountain, and cat loaf. Cat loaf is just adorable! But they are all super cute :) Love your mug x

    1. The weather has been very nice and cold! :D Peppermint tea is so nice. Thanks so much, I'm glad you like them! Hope you're keeping warm :) xo