Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Terrarium, glasshouse

Hello! Life has still been super busy, and time has been flying by as usual! But I wanted to finally share these with you. I bought the little glasshouse and tiny fern for my Mum for Mother's Day, and we made these little 'terrariums' together! Hers is on the right, mine on the left.

I bought her some sea urchins to decorate inside, and I foraged some moss-covered rocks for us as well. Mum and I both love moss! 

Mum can't put indoor plants on her desk usually, because our cat Finn loves to play with them and knock them over or pull the plants out of their soil! So I thought the glass house was a cool idea.

My boyfriend brought home some little rocks too which Mum used as a base to set up her tiny cute garden.

I just bought a really cheap small fishbowl style glass bowl for my own. I just want moss in mine, so I've put in some soil and a couple of moss covered rocks. Plus a sea urchin to brighten it up a bit while I grow the moss!

I'm hoping to grow the moss across the top of the soil and have a little moss garden! There must have been some little seeds in the soil I used, and there have been some little green sprout popping up. Can you see them on the right there? I wonder what they are and if they will grow? We'll see!

Well wish me luck on my moss-growing adventure! Until next time...

Nina x


  1. I love terrariums! I used to have a fishbowl one too, it had mini plants as trees and moss as grass, and a little path running through it. I should really make another one soon :)

  2. Awww what happened to your fishbowl one? I would love to do some more terrariums soon, with more plants! :) I hope you make another one soon and share it with us xD Take care