Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Art, Mail, and Staying Positive!

Hello! I'm really trying to boost my positivity at the moment. I've been focusing on eating really healthy, exercising more, working toward my goals, and trying to enjoy the little things along the way. It's been really important lately to remind myself to stay positive and optimistic and remember what I'm working toward when I'm working 6 days a week and don't have much time for fun stuff!

Anyway something I always enjoy is writing letters and putting together mail for my pen pals! I made this little handmade "business card" for my blog to let one of my friends know about it haha.

That's the back of the business card at the front there. And how amazing is the cat memo paper? I got the memo pad in a cat-themed swap quite a long time ago (my first package swap, actually!).

Washi tape, stickers and pink card make a nice address label. ^_^

Putting mail together and drawing and doodling makes me happy. What do you do to unwind when you're busy, or to help you stay positive when things are hectic?

Little Pink Cactus xo


  1. I love decorating snail mail too! I received some from a friend a week ago and she gifted some washi tape and stickers with it! So cute. It is so cool how you have pen pals from around the world! I would love to do that x

    1. Oh it's always so nice to receive a little gift like that! I always send something with my mail, too. ^^ It is SO nice having pen pals from all over, I truly love learning about other cultures and countries and sharing thoughts and experiences with each other. I have to recommend Interpals.net for meeting pen pals! Like anything on the internet you have to be safe and smart about using it, but I've met some great pen pals there! :) xo